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What should I look for in a Competence Management System?

A good quality Competence Management System should be more than just a software application for ticking boxes. A system that can handle the full competency workflow will bring real and lasting benefits to any organisation.

Measuring the performance and development of all members of staff within a structured system will give an organisation more control over risk and cost. It can help with selection, training and development, staff deployment, assessment and can also help employees to effectively carry out their job role.

Allowing employees to see what is required of them thus encouraging them to take ownership of their improving competence, enables a greater workforce buy-in to the idea of pursuing a competence assurance model.

There is an increasing focus from industry regulators and professional bodies on the need for formal processes to develop, maintain and monitor the competence of a workforce. Your system needs to prove to the regulators that your workforce is competent and capable.

How could the E-qual Competence Assurance software tool help?
E-qual provides the complete competence management solution allowing for flexible input of users, frameworks, qualifications and courses. It contains live and historical data on individual user competence as well as extensive reporting across the organisation.

E-qual will make your competence management cheaper, more efficient and easier to manage.

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