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What is a Competency Framework?

What is a competency framework

A competency framework is a structure that sets out and defines each individual competence required by employees. A defined set of competencies for each role in a business shows workers the kind of job requirements, qualifications and behaviours that the organisation values, and those it requires to help achieve its objectives.

With a framework in place, team members tend to work more effectively and achieve their potential. There are also many business benefits to personal performance being linked to corporate goals and values.

Frameworks might be graded or contain different levels of attainment, but they should always contain the competencies that are required to do the role or task. Employees should be measured against requirements to perform safely and effectively.

Competency frameworks can be used to:

  • Ensure health and safety requirements are met
  • Upskill a workforce
  • Recruit and select employees with a strong fit to the role and organisation
  • Set performance expectations and measure contributions objectively
  • Focus employees on what is critical to enhance their performance and increase their level of work satisfaction
  • Provide a roadmap for employee development and career planning
  • Identify and assess ‘competency gaps’ in individuals and groups, thereby providing valuable insights for targeted development and training.

The competence assurance software, E-qual can accommodate any type of competence framework. They can be created and edited effortlessly and be as simple or extensive as required – from a single competence structure, to hundreds of individual qualifications and courses.

Once created a worker can be assigned single or multiple competence frameworks as determined by organisation requirements.

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