We are taking E-qual Competence Assurance software to OSCC 2016


We will be demonstrating E-qual Competence Assurance Management System, our online competence assessment and tracking tool at the OSCC 2016 exhibition.

The OPITO Safety and Competence Conference (OSCC) is the only annual, global event focused entirely on safety and competency in oil and gas.

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Opito Safety and Competence Conference

Annual conference organised by Opito in Abu Dhabi. The aim of OSCC is to bring operators, contractors and the supply chain together with training organisations to provide a forum for improving standards of safety and competency that protect the workforce and the industry’s reputation.

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About Competence Management Systems

Effective competence management ensures that workflow is managed safely and in an efficient way, maximising productivity and ensuring workforce capability. A good quality Competence Management System (CMS) will bring real and lasting benefits to any oil and gas organisation.

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