Five key competency questions revealed

Interviews usually concentrate on your experience or previous qualifications. However competence questions are becoming increasingly common. A competency based interviewer wants to know whether you have the right skills to take the position.

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Are you confident about the accuracy of your competency data?


Over the last few years software to help organisations organise and manage the skill set of employees has emerged. Although still a small market, the number of available systems is increasing. Many organisations have found that the software has become an invaluable tool for recording, managing and reporting on staff competence.
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A choice of competency or compliance

The scenario of having to complete an e-learning course around issues of health and safety is a familiar one to most employees. The course is usually a barrage of information that you have to try to absorb in one go and then complete some sort of test of what you have learned. Continue reading “A choice of competency or compliance”

About Competence Management Systems

Effective competence management ensures that workflow is managed safely and in an efficient way, maximising productivity and ensuring workforce capability. A good quality Competence Management System (CMS) will bring real and lasting benefits to any oil and gas organisation.

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