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Considering a Competence Management System?

Managing the competency in an organisation is a strategic process. It is the perfect structure for ensuring the work of employees supports the goals of the business.

Any business that is considering implementing software for competency management should for a tool to assist its efforts, not to entirely automate them. Competence can never be a totally automated process.

Having competency processes in place ensures an organisation can choose competency management software that will best meet its needs and then configure that software in a way that closely conforms to its own methods. It is unlikely that software that provides and exact fit will be found.

In a research paper published in the journal Business & Information Systems Engineering, Bernd Simon of Vienna University wrote

“Before a CMS is introduced, the stakeholders involved in the competency development processes must be identified and should have the opportunity to influence the definition of the goal and the implementation of the processes. Many interview partners confirmed that such a procedure is desirable and that social aspects with regard to the project definition determine the success or failure of a CMS already at a very early stage.”

However it is important to note that any organisation that does not have well-tested, documented processes for tracking and managing the talents of its personnel in place will not be able to make up for these shortcomings by installing a software system.

Who Benefits from Competency Management?

All organisations can benefit equally from competency management software. It’s primary advantage is that it can help organisations find information more easily than a paper based or spreadsheet based system. This data interrogation helps to prove competence, investigate gap and future needs analysis and specify recruitment requirements.

In our experience it is becoming increasingly common that an organisation’s Competence Management Solution is required to be specified for them to be able to win contracts. Some opportunities are only available if a recognised system is in place.

Larger organisations with many employees and a multitude of skill sets to track will find monitoring competency without management software almost impossible.

The performance of smaller work forces can be managed more efficiently with competency software.

The reporting features of commercial software can prove priceless for organisations whose competency management practices are subject to regulatory reviews or audits for certifications like ISO 9001.


E-qual Competence Assurance Management System software can provide competence tracking for large organisations or smaller work forces. With our partners we can help you to develop and implement a competency framework in any industry. Please contact us via the E-qual Competence website for more details.