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Competency management and the rise of the CMS


Competency management is an approach that ensures that an organisation has the human skills required to meet its business objectives effectively, efficiently and safely. This can be the ability to use a certain application, tool or machine or knowledge of the correct practice to achieve a goal.

Skills are defined for a role and each employee is assessed based on these standardised definitions. These skill and personnel frameworks are then used to forecast needs, determine training goals, and measure progress toward those objectives.

Software applications known as Competence Management Systems (CMS) are extremely useful in helping organisations to store, search, and analyse competency-related data. Competence definitions are created within the software and assigned to each user. As the skills are successfully assessed, progress is recorded in the software.

The resulting reports help companies to identify who has a certain attribute or where there are gaps in knowledge or skills. Many applications contain graphical dashboards which provide quick views of information across an entire organisation.

The best competence software is one which is installed on a corporate server or provided over the cloud to the complete business, as it encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing across departments and locations and allows for reporting of the ‘bigger picture’ across a full organisation.

A competence system usually consists of:

  • A pre-populated database of competencies
  • These individual competencies arranged into frameworks or job roles
  • A database of employees (and contractors and partners where applicable)
  • The ability to record competence being achieved or expiring
  • Search and filtering functionality
  • Reporting capabilities

Other features to look out for are:

  • The facility to upload assessment evidence
  • Communication tools
  • Historical reporting
  • Integration with HR systems

Competency Management Systems that deliver on all of these features will provide a great asset to an organisation.

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